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  Wybór należy do Ciebie

Client: Centrum Profilaktyki i Edukacji Społecznej PARASOL

Year published: 2014

Our Involvement: production

Authors: workshop attendees

Graphic design: Wojtek Gwiazdowski


"Wybór należy do Ciebie" (The Choice is Yours) is an educational game about balancing between different ways of spending your free time. It's aimed at children and teenagers and its goal is to serve as part of a preventive treatment which reinforces positive life practices.

Game components:

- board

- 6 pawns

- 1 die

- 35 task cards

- 14 special cards

- 50 point-counting tokes

- 6 favour tokens

- 6 character cards

- 4 rules summary cards

- rulebook

- a description of the game and the project

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