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  Wrzeszcz! O co chodzi?

Client: Civic Centre for Family Support in Gdańsk

Year published: 2014

Our Involvement: advice/consulting, graphic design, production

Authors: workshop attendees

Graphic design: Bartłomiej Fedyczak


A family boardgame in which players take on the roles of renovators tasks with restoring the historic quarter of Dolny Wrzeszcz in Gdańsk. Over the course of the game they compete for the most prestigious places in Dolny Wrzeszcz to take care of and restore their former glory... as well as going head-to-head with their competitors! There can be only one winner. Who will prove to be the best at restoring Dolny Wrzeszcz and make the best investments?

Game components:

- board

- 110 cards

- 2 plastic dice

- 5 plastic pawns

- 140 tokens

- 230 banknotes

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