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This offer is addressed to groups of 8 to 10 people.

Thanks to almost a decade of experience in creating and publishing games, we can offer you an opportunity to participate in our unique workshops.

Workshops: creating game mechanics (6h - 18h)
Learn how to design games!

This block is devoted to workshops concerning the design of board and card games of different types. The participants learn about the different genres of the games, their mechanical variations, and the history of board games. Over the course of the workshop the participants will learn how to design a game and create its mechanics, and will create a prototype of a game in their chosen genre.

Workshops: game graphic design and production (4h - 8h)
Learn how to prepare and create games!

This workshop covers the challenges related to production technologies and preparing the graphic design for a board game. The participants learn about technologies used in the creation of the materials and components, gain knowledge in the field of technical and implemental design of board game mechanics. The part of the workshop focused on graphic design covers the ways of creating game graphics, using appropriate software, technical preparation and painting techniques used in printing of the board games.

Workshops: board game market (3h - 8h)
Learn how to sell and promote games!

Workshops in this block concern the market penetration of the board game market. The participants learn about the unique traits of the market, distribution channels, the methods and the tools of promotion and selling of board games both on Polish and international market.

Each participant receives a certificate confirming the completion of workshops in a given area (or our complete workshop offer). To learn more about our workshops, feel free contact us.

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