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  The Witcher: Promotional Game

based on: The Witcher (PC game)

Client: CD Projekt RED

Year published: 2007

Our involvement: creation, tests, graphic design, DTP, production.

Authors: Magdalena Madej-Reputakowska, Maciej Reputakowski, Michal Stachyra and Maciej Zasowski

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Game for 2 players. One of the players takes on the role of the Witcher, the other controls the monsters. The Witcher attempts to fight the monsters in 11 different locations, trying to release those places from the influence of evil. A player wins the game when he controls 6 out of the 11 locations.


- 55 cards

- rulebook

Other info: The game was included in an exclusive version of The Witcher PC game. It was created in two language versions: Polish and German. We also created a second, separate game called The Witcher: Card Game, which became a bestselling title in Poland and Spain. It was also released in English.

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