Our Clients:

  Piwne Imperium

Client: Board & Dice S.C

Year published: 2013

Our involvement: optimizing of production costs, market distribution preparations, production,

Authors: Filip Głowacz, Ireneusz Huszcza

Graphic design: Rafał Danhoffer


In Piwne Imperium ("Beer Empire"), players run their own brewery, managing resources and raw materials, growing barley (which players can transform to light and dark malt) and hops, brewing beer to match recipes, developing equipment and production lines, and (of course) selling their products on the market by investing in advertising and gaining "Brand Points". The game includes event cards that influence the game in various ways and provide opportunities for interaction between players.


-Brewery Boards x3

-Action Board x1

-Wooden tokens: Light and dark Malt tokens (60) and Hops tokens (30)

-Malt and hops chips (70)

-Beer chips (30)

-Wooden tokens: Energy tokens (60), Package tokens (25), Skill Tokens (20)

-Recipe cards (13)

-Advertisement cards (9)

-Equipment cards (35)

-Quest cards (20)

-Events cards (30)

-Instruction (1)

-Dice (4)