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  Dice Brewing

Client: Board & Dice S.C

Year published: 2014

Our involvement: optimizing of production costs, market distribution preparations, production.

Authors: Filip Głowacz, Ireneusz Huszcza

Graphic design: Rafał Danhoffer


In Dice Brewing, players take on the role of brewers, who have to acquire the ingredients necessary to brew beer, and develop new recipies so they can gain gold and Mastery points.

To do this, they make use of their player boards and two Location cards (the Marketplace and the Black Market), which help them in developing their resource pool, as well as placing new tokens in their storage. Whoever has the most Mastery points at the end of the game wins!


50 x resource dice

6 x seed tokens

1 x season/first player token

12 x coin tokens

4 x blockade tokens

15 x special ingredient tokens

18 x action tokens

4 x warehouse cards

4 x work space cards (three sets of 4 cards in polish, english and german)

4 x green tokens

30 x recipe cards

4 x player board

1 x marketplace board

1 x black market board

3 x rulebook (polish, english and german)

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