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  Bobry na Horyzoncie / Kraina Bobrów

Client: Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Młodych Gminy Bobrowo "Horyzont"

Year released: 2015

Our Involvement: graphic design, DTP, preparation for print, production.

Authors: Stowarzyszenie Horyzont

Graphic design: Bartłomiej Fedyczak

Game description:

The box contains two games - Bobry na Horyzoncie ("Beavers on the Horizon") and Kraina Bobrów ("Beaver Land"). The goal of the first game is purchasing different objects and estates placed around the Bobrowo commune, and the players need to answer Beaver Riddles. The second game is a simplified version of the game, aimed at younger players.


- double-sided board

- 56 pawns, including 6 player pawns

- 30 Stroke of Luck cards

- 30 Beaver Riddles cards

- 37 Ownership cards

- 280 banknotes

- dice

- rulebook

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