Our Clients:

  Akademicka Gra Historyczna

Client: AGH University of Science and Technology

Year published: 2015

Our Involvement: graphic design, DTP, production optimization, production.

Authors: Antoni Grzanka, Rafał Lizoń

Graphic design: The Information and Promotion division of AGH and Bartłomiej Fedyczak

Game description:

Players take on the roles of the most recognizable people connected to the AGH University of Science and Technology, they can learn about their merits and take upon tasks which made AGN one of the best universities in Poland. During the game players learn how the student's life is like, get to know the most important places around the AGH campus and learn many interesting facts from the university's history.


- board

- 4 pawns

- 12 student books

- 42 task cards

- 24 event cards

- notepad

- rulebook

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